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Chapter 2 Page 59

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  1. ADK

    Final version up. NOM NOM NOM!

  2. Red The Hunter
    Red The Hunter

    take your time i have tried making comics and one page took me 2 weeks to finish and it was still very crappy oh and rre your finals over, my midyears just ended, waiting for verdict on scriptcheck days

    • ADK

      I am quite curious as to what these scriptcheck days entail. (Screenwriting class?)

      And yeah, it always takes me more time then I think.

      • Red The Hunter
        Red The Hunter

        It is to check the exam papers like after the teachers mark the papers students check marking errors and thus we know the marks, now, its parent teacher meeting… im doomed

  3. Azure-Priest

    Oh yeah. Mr. Swordmage isn’t making it home safely. Not by a longshot.

  4. dowdpride

    hey, really loving the series so far, however i was wondering if there was a specific update day, or if it was just whenever. i dont mind either way, i just want to know so i dont compulsively check the page every 3 hours :P

    • ADK

      I get asked a lot, and I know I posted before about it, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to show up when I’m not logged in. Not sure what that’s about.
      To answer, Sundays, though it may change to every other Sunday, if I can’t keep up with color pages. :(

  5. Ani-Blade

    Woooo! Eat his face!

    • Azure-Priest

      Much as I love your cheer, it looks like poor Ramah is actually and literally eating dirt here, although that could change in the next update. ;)

  6. Refhi

    Wow, huge work, as always !
    Maybe you should get some lighnened shedule like one page each 2 weeks, so you wouldn’t stress too much… and fans can wait 2 weeks if it helps making the comic last years !

  7. Keith

    Ned to make to make a Buffer zone for wed-comic

    • ADK

      Oh yes, since starting TaL, I’ve advised anyone I knew making a webcomic as much. :P And I’ve had em before, at various points in time. Hopefully, if I switch to every other week for awhile, I’ll be able to build one again, but with school and work, hard to tell. :/

  8. Malkus

    No new comic? RL issues catching up with you?

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