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Chapter 2 Page 57

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  1. ADK

    Sorry for the black and white page. In other news, updates will be Sundays officially from now on. (In case you skipped the update. ;) )

  2. Stray

    awesome that will give me something to look ford to it every Sunday.

  3. EternallyImpish

    So, he flipped the sword away, cutting his hand in the process, so he wouldn’t be stung? With a scorpion that huge, a sting should be almost harmless… unless familiars have more potent venom than normal animals.

    • ADK

      Even if the sting isn’t as bad as a small one, nausea, pain, etc, is a bad distraction in battle. Not to mention, if it stung him, he might not have been able to keep holding the sword: better to release it on his own terms. (Flinging his enemies familiar around in the hopes of disorienting him is also a plus. ;) )

      • Azure-Priest

        Color me crazy, but it looks like the sword mage has his fingers at the scorpion’s tail. That is an inherently dangerous move, and the scorpion won’t like it. Even if he’s bragging that he’s immune to the venom, abusing his familiar is not a good idea.

        • ADK

          I was rushed, so the drawing may not be as clear as it should be. :( If so, I apologize.
          Basically, he’s catching the scorpion, and the cupping his hand to let it crawl back to his shoulder.
          Remember, that things like pain and emotions are felt as a link, only more so for most and simpler animals, who usually view their mages as extensions of themselves. (I hope that made sense?)

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