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Chapter 2 Page 55

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  1. ADK

    Alright, this page looks completely different on my school computer then my home computer. Anyone else see it as incredibly green tinted?

  2. Keith

    no, it the monitor setup ?
    a werewolf in front and one in the back me ooo my ;)

    • ADK

      Thank you, Keith, that’s a relief. :) As long as it’s coming out right when I draw it, that’s the important part.

      And the Sei Swordmage has a lot to worry about. Not just because he’s facing werewolves, because the little that’s known of them, and its all bad. (Being the chosen of the Goddess of, among other things, Madness, doesn’t do much to help their reputation. ;) )

  3. Kenku

    Im a little confused. Did the swordsman cast a quick earthwall?

    • ADK

      Yes, pretty much exactly. Sorry I didn’t make it clear enough. :(

  4. Azure-Priest

    Did he just catch the sword with his hands? AND WELCOME BACK! (Dances a happy jig) Ding dong, the spam is dead! Who is dead!? The SPAM is dead!

    • ADK

      He is in the process of doing just that, yes. :D
      (And yes, thank god for the spam being gone! We’re actually paying for extreme spam protection as well, so it shouldn’t be returning any time soon! :D )

  5. Silverwolf

    Oh great. Does that mean Raah is the familiar and Barak is the wizard now?

    • ADK

      I want to answer this, but I’m not sure it counts as a spoiler, so I’ll err on the side of caution, heh.

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